Good morning Bitcoin: ECB wants to maintain confidence in money

The current price for one Bitcoin (BTC) is currently $10,540.25.  That’s 0.40% more than 24 hours ago. If you now want to buy bitcoin for $100 you will get about 0.0095 BTC for this.

The total market cap is $195,065,107,651.75 with a circulation of 18,506,687 BTC.

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European Central Bank: ‚Our role is to ensure trust in money

The European Central Bank (ECB) will soon come up with a fully digital version of the euro. In a recent survey, ECB president Christine Lagarde indicates the bank’s vision: they want to maintain confidence in money.

On the ECB’s website that vision is clearly explained once again: „The euro belongs to Europeans and we are the guardian. We must be prepared to spend a digital euro if we have to“.

In all parts of the world people are currently working on a fully digital currency, often called Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). They have to, because for more than 10 years there has been an additional competitor on the world stage called bitcoin. There is more competition in the world of currencies.

BitMEX on charges: ‚Bitcoin is safe‘, community responds on Twitter

Yesterday, the Bitcoin community was shocked by the news about the BitMEX fair. They were sued by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) for operating without the proper papers and licenses. According to the regulator, BitMEX has served US investors without a valid license.

Meanwhile, the dust has settled and the exchange has come up with a statement.

Former British politician Bloom (70) makes first bitcoin purchase

It remains fun to read about people from the ‚old‘ financial world who came out of bitcoin. Yesterday it was time again. Godfrey Bloom, a 70-year-old former politician from the UK, reported his first bitcoin purchase on Twitter.

He said he already had enough gold and silver, but since this week Bloom also has bitcoin in his portfolio.