Finance: Bitget Offers Off-Exchange Settlement With Copper’s ClearLoop

• Bitget, a crypto trading platform, has partnered with Copper’s ClearLoop network to offer off-exchange settlement.
• Institutional clients of both companies can now hold digital assets within Copper’s infrastructure and simultaneously delegate them to trade on Bitget.
• The partnership is the sixth of its kind for Copper’s ClearLoop network this year.

Bitget and Copper Partnering for Off-Exchange Settlement

Bitget, a crypto trading platform, has announced that it will be partnering with custody firm Copper and joining the ClearLoop network. This integration will allow institutional clients of both companies to hold digital assets within Copper’s infrastructure while at the same time delegating those assets to trade on the exchange.

How It Works

Client assets are deposited on Copper’s platform and then linked to their respective Bitget accounts. This allows for simultaneous delegation from one account to another without having to move assets between platforms. This streamlines the process for institutional investors looking to safely store their digital assets while still taking advantage of trading opportunities offered by Bitget’s platform.

The Benefits

This partnership allows institutional crypto investors an opportunity to safeguard their assets while also optimizing their trading strategies through Bitget’s platform. Gracy Chen, managing director of Bitget, said that “Bitgets’ partnership with Copper exemplifies our ongoing efforts to boost confidence among institutional crypto users”.

Matrixport Integration

Earlier this month, Matrixport also announced its integration with copper’s ClearLoop network as part of its prime brokerage offering services for institutional clients seeking exposure in the cryptocurrency markets. This is yet another example of how exchanges and custodians are working together in order to bridge different sectors within the cryptocurrency industry in order to grow usage and increase adoption among institutions.

$100 Million Fund Targeting Web3 Startups

In April 2021, Bitget announced a $100 million fund targeting Web3 startups as Asian countries continue developing frameworks for Web3 development and usage. The fund is designed specifically around supporting projects working on decentralized finance (DeFi), blockchain interoperability protocols, layer two scaling solutions and other related initiatives focused on building out the underlying infrastructure necessary for mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology overall.